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NEW [Apr. 7th, 2004|08:01 pm]
[mood |sicksick]
[music |sleeping in~ the postal service]

its so funny how i always come back to these things. I remember junior year at notre dame when me and all of my friends had online diaries and we spent all our time on there. then when i left notre dame and went to lvhs I said i'd never have another one again. but a few months later all the girls from summer school at chaminade got me to make a blog cause they said they didnt get to hear enough about my life. so i did and i had that for a while. and eventually we all stopped posting and i thought maybe i was done. and now the whole freaking world has one. i've had this LJ for a while but didnt really tell anyone about it. but i guess i'll start clean and join in on this online fun. so i made all the old crap private and here i am. not too exciting, but yeah man these things help people keep up to date on our lifes.
so whats goin down with me lately:
well, i'm still working like crazy. i work at the ranch about four days a week and at starbucks im getting more hours lately. like 4 sometimes 5 shifts a week. not bad cause lord knows i need to money. i wish i could be a lead there though. that would help so much. now, if only i could stop getting write-ups. gonna have to work on that one. then yesterday, i starting working at this really cool bookstore. this guy jason comes into starbucks every night and its his book store called re-evolution. so i'm doing a bit of side-work for them for a while. i don't know if it will end up being permenant or not. we shall see. but, i like it for now. my goal is to leave wood ranch by the end of the month. i guess for three reasons. one, i have never really figured out why, i, a vegan, work at a meat market. two, i really really want to work at Follow Your Heart if they would just hire me please. and third, i kinda really dont want to be working there stil when amanda gets back from europe. so that's the work life.
i havent worked at starbucks or wood ranch since sunday. other than the book store, i havent even been out of my house since matthew's party. i'll talk about that in another entry cause that's certainly left a lot on my mind. but, anyways, yeah so last night, my mom was up till 1 am with me cause i had a 103 fever. so, i've basically spent the past 3 days in bed trying to not be sick. one more day of sleep and i ought to be good. yeah, so enough of me here. i'm off to go curl up in bed and read my book. so, i guess, hey there world. this is my welcome back to the existence of live journals. time to edit my friends list.
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